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Lets be (Font)Awesome!

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Well just take a look at that icon to the left, would you? Sitting there all nice and pretty. Well, that is all thanks to Font Awesome! Version 5.0.1 dropped fairly recently with a boat ton of new features and SVG icons all redesigned from the ground up. I knew while making the Carui theme that Font Awesome would be a must to incorporate so I had thrown in v4 at the time. The problem that came with it was very small icons were sometimes a pain to make out (like the social icons for authors) with FA5 thats no longer a problem thankfully. V5 also lets you do MANY more things like layering, styling (regular, solid, brands) coloring, and just so so much more with a few easy to remember class's. For anyone following Carui, I'll be uploading version 0.2.4 after this post goes live and breaking that off as a release. Changes include FA5, link styling, and font styling. You can grab Carui over at my Github page!

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