Took some time, but I'm fairly sure that I have got the website all back up and running. There is a fancy new front page sitting at, and this blog now lives at I'll be designing and implementing a projects page in the coming days (weeks?) where all of my past and current gaming projects will live. You can now also get linked out to my twitch and YouTube accounts, as well as my twitter account. I can almost promise that I'll use them, even!

I'm still setting up my SSL cert's so until then the site is served over port 80 unencrypted, but honestly no one would be submiting any info to this site save for maybe subscribing via email, so its not a super high priority for me right now. The one place that it IS useful, is for games that I may make as some features do require SSL to work (accelerometers in phones for one), so keep an eye out for that. Eventually.